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Million bricks - Kajun feat Chaddy adda chrome

Support the Brand if you are unable to support any of the things we offer, Please! Like, comment & share with your friends. IC shirts available now! Party Bus tickets are also available for New Year's Event now! All new release #CDS and #DVDs available, Call and reserve your copy's today! Thank you #ImperialCrown #ICPROMOSHOP #TheTeam #IC #Imperial_Crown #2015 #imperialcrown_entertainment #Longislandsuperstaricyblue #mr40_40salute #yakydbr33zy  Follow us Long Island STAND UP!! - Add The Team IG @mr40_40salute @frost_money5 @yakydbr33zy  @mr_im_so_g00d @itzlinatoyou @Longislandsuperstaricyblue @imperialcrown_entertainment @vick_santana_ @fin3ss3_a_abaddon @relljordan 

Click the link below for FB NYE Partybus:

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