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Wuuk - Clark Kent Official Video




Clark Kent (Lyrics)

I'm back at it,
To show y'all we are nothin' the same,

Y'all ass backwards,
And my ass is ahead of you lames,

I'm a craftmatic, y'all sleepin' on the best in the game,
I got your number, take that slumber you'll be restin' for days,

Or more like an eternity,
Tell you this world is turnin' me,

Into a savage cuz I have mastered the art of burnin' beats,
Don't you discourage me,

Cuz I've come across a discovery,
And before I tell ya man I know you're gonna start judgin' me,

But here it is, here is my little twist, I've figured out what exactly makes me so different,
See I'm the kid that everyone doubted a little bit,

But see I'm growin' up, and now my mind is a little ripped,
After workin' on my craft, did a few long reps,

Almost gave up a few times, but see, I'm too strong kid,
I'm from a small ville, but not ya average New York kid,

I'm KozmiK so its appears that I'm the new Clark Kent, (ha)
Now everybody's tryna figure out my kryptonite,

I jus tell em chill and peep my skills as I grip the mic,
I kno y'all thinkin' like, what the fuck is givin' him the right,

To claim he's in another lane, hmm must be, this blinkin' light,
I'm switchin' over, and could care less if y'all keep bitchin',

While yall turnin' left and right, I'm turnin' up, I got 3 switches,
Don't b mad at me it's my genetics that got me different,

I see these lines and let em out cuz they fire I got heat vision, bwoy,
And a flow that's truly outta this world,

I'll let dread hang to the front cuz I ain't rockin' no curl,
Underwear on top of tights, but it ain't quite as absurd,

Because I got em in a pile above the tights of your girl,
But, you can keep her, I ain't savin' these hoes,

Already tryna save the game, and it's been makin' me so,
Fucking exhausted, that I lost it, and I'm cravin' these bones,

Of all these rappers that I should've finished ages ago,
But I was, way to busy tryna be y'all superman,

But bein' a savior, got these haters actin' all stupid man,
(Just stay out my way), see I thought y'all already knew the plan, 

I'm removin' dams so that I can flood the game with music and,
Clear out all the one hit wonders who think they Babe Ruth,

Pitch em fastballs and back off to see what they do,
Maybe one more hit but it really ain't gonna make you,

See I'll keep makin' hits, so y'all know I came to play through,
The highs and lows, the good and the bad,

Make sure the critics never diss him when they put him at bat,
Cuz see I'm swingin' for the fences when they throw me a track,

I may seem average but once I'm inside a booth it's a wrap,
Cuz the, glasses come off, 

the tie gets loosened,
They start to see a difference in the guy that they knew then,

These niggas need technology,
 it gives them a boost when,

I was born with a gift, 
you other rappers just Bruce Wayne…







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